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Fire Force

<What is “Fire Force”?>
In this film, an ordinary person suddenly bursts into flames and becomes a flame-controlling monster known as a “Fire Soldier,” which goes to great lengths to destroy the human body.
The film depicts the activities of a special firefighting unit that confronts the horror of the flames.
Shinra, a boy who is called a “demon” for a certain reason, is a new member of the team, and he and his friends throw themselves into a daily battle against the “Fire Soldier” to become a “hero”.

Follow the story and relive the world of “Fire Force”!
Familiar characters from “Fire Force” appear in 3D!
Full of newly drawn illustrations that can only be seen here!
A cast of splendid voice actors provides character voices!


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WEB3 Blockchain GAME



NEOBRED is an NFT horse racing game built on the Avalanche network. The game design allows players to enjoy the entire life cycle of a horse, from training to training to racing.
NEOBRED is also dedicated to providing the community with a fair and thrilling gaming experience inspired by traditional mobile games and MMORPGs that have maintained a stable in-game economy for years.