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  • ・Our goal is to contribute to society through entertainment that brings smiles to everyone’s faces by creating new ideas and services that make the world more convenient, enjoyable, and life-enriching.
  • ・We will continue to be a pioneer, keeping up with trends, innovative ideas, and overwhelming energy. We will pave the way where no one has walked before, with a strong sense of not being afraid to take risks.
  • ・Our mission is to build values that can be passed on to the next generation, to be a tailwind for a better, sustainable future.

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all customers.


go the extra mile Our goal is to create entertainment that exceeds the imagination of our customers.

extra mile always aims to be “a group that puts the user first” and provides entertainment with the audience in mind. We aim to provide entertainment that satisfies the audience, which requires customer service that is so detailed that it is almost divine, and delivery that never gives up, no matter what, in order to move the emotions of our customers.


Individual initiative

We always think about what each individual can do, try to understand what we don’t understand, and ask questions. We take initiative, even in small ways, take responsibility for our own words and actions, and strive to achieve our mission.


We place importance on understanding the business structure and situation correctly and acting rationally. We aim to accomplish our mission through trial and error, updating and accelerating the speed at which issues are resolved.

We will do our utmost with a never-give-up attitude.

We continue to seriously confront difficult situations, search for solutions, and take on new challenges. We will make long and continuous persistent efforts to achieve our objectives and accomplish our mission.

Achieve high results through teamwork

We value teamwork, taking responsibility for and accomplishing tasks and projects. We evaluate each other and work hard to accomplish our mission.

Enjoy the change

We value constant change in response to changes in society. We aim to fulfill our work style and achieve our mission by enjoying new things and changes. We will do our utmost with a never-give-up attitude.


July 2020
extra mile, Inc. is established.
Started game application development, operation, and web marketing business.
October 2021
Started blockchain development business
February 2022
New Territory Development Division established.
Started blockchain game development project
July 2022
Head office relocated to Roppongi 5-chome, Minato-ku (current address)
October 2022
Started a game development project in the Metaverse
January 2023
Game application “Fire Force: Flame Dance Chapter” begins service.
May 2023
Expanded head office to accommodate business expansion (in the same building as current location)
November 2023
Shares transferred to TV Asahi Music In.
Joined the TV Asahi Group as a subsidiary.

company profile

Company Name
extra mile Inc.
Head Office Location
7F Houraiya Building, 5-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director Sakae Tamate
Date of Establishment
July 2020
Business Overview
Game production for smartphones and PCs, blockchain service production, software production including SaaS
Correspondent Banks
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Roppongi Branch, Mizuho Bank, Roppongi Branch
Major Shareholders
Number of Employees
52 persons